Past, present, future…


The story begins decades ago. In the 70-s and 80-s, Dr. József Karsai, one of our companies’ co-founders, worked as a Plant Protection engineer. At the height of his career he worked as a chief engineer at the Plant Protection and Agrochemical Center of the Ministry of Agriculture & Food. There he developed dozens of different patents over the course of a decade. The foundation of his research was studying medicinal plants and their active agents, after which studies he assembled different kinds of fungicides and insecticides.

In the autumn of 2015 in the area of South-Hungary (Dél-Békés) the government founded the Calendula program. Dr. Karsai was elected to the lead manager of the herbal division of this program. With renewed energy he returned to the investigation of medicinal plants, this time focusing on the physiological effects of these plants. His main motivation was to resolve the arising medical problems of his own, and of his surroundings. He gathered fellow experts for his work, amongst of all Professor Dr. János Hajtó - a chemist with a doctorate in physics & chemistry, and Árpád Mákos - the current Head of Manufacturing of our company. This innovative team designed a special technology to extract the active agents of the herbs. They were able to synthesize very concentrated extracts from plants with medicinal properties, grown in the surrounding areas.

Our produced samples have been examined by accredited laboratories and were compared with currently available products on the market that are made of the same herbs as ours. The results are very promising! In the spring of 2017 we patented our technology of extraction, although we do not plan a patent for the know-how.

We wanted to create something unique with the knowledge that we have gathered so far. As such, product development has started. In the autumn of 2017 the core group has assembled, who followed the instructions laid out by chemists, alongside with food technology engineers, and we have founded the company HerbaPharm Europe Ltd.


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According to the experience and literature in the field, the herbal raw ingredients that we use in our products, have positive physiological effects. These plants that are known for thousands of years now – like hemp seeds, milk thistle seeds, flax seeds, caraway (Persian cumin) seeds – have their effect supposedly in a synergistic way by strengthening each other’s properties. Our products have been highly recognized about the power enclosed within these plants, which power is surprising to many.

We aim to utilize the exceptional geographical properties of Hungary and specifically of the south region, where the country’s best quality of soil can be found. Thanks to its geographical location and climate, Hungary is rich of wild medicinal plants, of which we can find up to 300-350 different species. We provide the best local, quality ingredients to our consumers, cultivated under verified conditions without the use of pesticides. As it is true for all living beings, locally produced plants have the best effect on their health.

During our work, we pay attention to outstanding quality, since the most positive physiological effects can only be achieved by impeccable raw ingredients and active agents. Our goal remains to create an artisanal product with high care, and constantly expanding our scale of goods. It is also important to us to provide to our consumers excellent quality at an affordable price.